Monday, December 21, 2009

New Jewelry Arts Class ~ Cloisonne Enameling Instruction

New Class:

Learn the basics of cloisonné enameling in this one day class. students will learn how enameling is done, what materials are used, techniques and tricks, and best of all, you’ll leave the class with at least two enamels, more if you have time.

Sunday, January 24th at 11am

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glass Bead Making / Lampwork / Flamework / Classes

Give the gift of Glass Art.

Our next beginner's class is posted for January's a Sunday.

We've been offering lampworking from our Chicago Suburban location of Westmont since 2001 and have found the best way for someone to become proficient in flame working is to have their own equipment... at home... to practice on....and so, our class fee has ALWAYS included the basic starter tools and a bit of glass packaged together with the 6 hour introduction class for $185! Our class size has remained small with a 6 person maximum. Because of that, we're able to offer our beginner students individualized attention and support as the ease through any initial discomfort lighting the torch the first few times.

We are a retail supplier for the glass rods, Dichroic (flashy) strips, frits, pixie dust, books and ideas on how to use your beads.

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TLD Design Center & Gallery
TLD Design Center & Gallery

Friday, December 11, 2009

Felt Making Classes including laminated (nuno) techniques

I visited the one of a kind show this past weekend...what a gorgeous show! I was elated to see all the felt art on exhibit this year! Of course it was fun to see so many of my own felting students in the mix. This medium is so much room for individual expression. Jill Lynn was a new name to me...loved her work! I think she's from Minnesota.

Well...I've been packing our Class schedule with felting classes...nuno, included. In fact, I just started teaching this shawl (yes, it's a shawl worn to look like a wrap top)...but I'm going one on one with individuals because the piece is so large.

So, if you're looking for felt making classes, follow this link over to our classes: clicky on this!

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TLD Design Center & Gallery

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weaving School / Classes Chicago Land Area

We've had a whole lot of interest in our weaving classes this we've brought in more looms for students to work on. Students start out on rigid heddle or table looms...your choice...but then we love to turn you on to the "big girl" floor looms as fast as we can. They are a whole lot of fun!

This is Dottie threading a 4shaft 36" loom.

This is a hand painted (see the color changes)shadow weave pattern in Rayon Chenille (very cozy!)

This is Chris A with her table runner woven in rep weave.

For more info about our Weaving program:

Chicago Area Weaving School Classes