Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TLD Design Center Blog Spot


I was hoping you'd find your way over here.

So, yes, I got the idea to start this blog for the design center from Hannah Rosner. We used her blog for the first time to take a poll to see which classes we wanted her to teach. She could only give us two days....and how do I possibly decide which of her "way too cool" classes to put on the schedule? So, I mentioned to her that I'd like to poll our design center students....and let them decide. Her blogspot has that feature...we were up and running within minutes!

So, now I've got this blogspot for the studio! Yes, were going to use it for more polling...but I think I'm also going to pop in with little tid bits of info from the goings on around here on a weekly basis. I'm thinking this would be a great place to post photos of classes and students' work, too. I could also let you know about and cool stuff I hear about...art show deadlines....art exhibits in our area...stuff like that. The Design Center website is just not flexible enough for my ramblings and I don't want make anyone mad with repeated e-mail notices. So, here goes. Hope you like it.

Hat Making Class Poll:

Our next poll is for our Millinery Art Week (hat making) Class Line-up. We know the dates will be falling between October 10th and 19th. (So, please, clear your schedule right now!) But Look over to the right and take the poll. We won't know who you are from these results, so please... also shoot me an e-mail to let me know that you'll want poll results for these Hat Making Classes so you can register right away. Here's my email: tammy@tlddesigns.com

Check back mid July for the Next Poll which will be for Hattie Sanderson working in Metal Clay (PMC/Silver Metal Clay) taught here on Saturday, November 15th. That's the only date we get this fall....so, you tell me which class to pick from her multitude of fascinating techniques!

That's what I've got for today.

As Always...
Thank you for your support and interest.