Friday, January 18, 2013

New Felt Making Class....Just Added

FELTING SKILLS: BEGINNERS INTRO / Flat Felt with a Flounce! Scarf

Instructor:  Tammy L. Deck

Introduced at the One of a Kind Show.... a scarf style that is suitable for beginner students to wet felting for the first time.  Come learn this  fun, unusual process and make your own soft, sculptural felt fabric to be used as a neck scarf. Wet felting by-passes spinning and knitting (it's true! there's no knitting involved) and capitalizes on the natural attributes of animal hair fibers to bond together in the formation of a "non-woven" fabric. During Tammy's 4 hour workshop, each student will work super soft merino wool (a whole palette of color options available) and learn how to layout the fiber, wet it and work it into their finished piece which includes hole cutting and flounce edge shaping.
NO KNITTING, CROCHETING OR FELTING NEEDLES are used during this process!!
All materials and equipment supplied. Come ready for a soap and water work out!
Date: January 31, 2013 *
Meets: Thursday, 11am to 3pm (ish)
Fee: $85 (all materials provided)

Date: February 9, 2013 *
Meets: Saturday, 11am to 3pm (ish)
$85 (all materials provided) 

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